K1 Portfolio Companies Named to the 2023 Inc. 5000

We’re excited to celebrate the 28 portfolio companies that made the 2023 Inc. 5000! This list recognizes the fastest-growing businesses in America based on a data-driven analysis of some of the most successful private companies in the market. The Inc. 5000 class of 2023 represents companies that have driven rapid revenue growth while navigating inflationary […]

Why Should Anyone Have to Choose Between Voting and a Paycheck?

At K1, we believe the simple act of giving employees the day off on Election Day is a critical step to raising voter turnout, strengthening our democracy and expressing our patriotism. Prior to the 2020 election, about half of all eligible voters in the US didn’t show up at the polls, whether that was due […]

Lever Report Reveals How DEI Impacts Hiring Through the Recruiting Lifecycle

50% of employees think their race, gender, or ethnicity has hindered them in securing a job November 03, 2022 11:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lever, an Employ Inc. brand and leading Talent Acquisition Suite, today released the 2022 DEI Through the Recruiting Lifecycle Report, highlighting how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) impacts the employee […]

What’s the Difference Between Cybersecurity and Cyber Compliance?

This post was initially published by Smarsh. Many people in the financial services industry understandably think “cybersecurity” and “cyber compliance” are interchangeable terms that mean the same thing. However, cybersecurity and cyber compliance are distinctly different and describe different — but equally important — concepts. As regulators increasingly emphasize cybersecurity risk management, it’s important for firms […]

The Key to Successful Talent Management Lies in Behavioral Health

This post was initially published by RethinkFirst. An innovative and analytical approach to behavioral well-being will be the defining factor between organizations that grow and those that stall. Industry leading companies share a powerful commonality, a skilled and driven labor force. Creating, growing, and guiding an organization that shapes landscapes requires dependable and knowledgeable employees […]

Five steps to creating an effective software implementation plan

This post was initially published by AppLearn. Software change and implementation comes with challenges. Choosing the right software, the right vendor, working through the roll-out, and encouraging your staff to not only use, but properly adopt the new software, needs careful consideration. That’s why planning is so key to the success of your project.   So, […]

Ready To Use Chatbots? Be Sure You Understand Customer Pain Points First

This post was initially published by Cyara. A Little Empathy Goes a Long Way Chatbots have come a long way. Usage of this technology, which once handled only a small portion of customer interactions, is growing at a rate of 22.5% per year. And, while bots could only manage 20% of customer chats from start to […]

3 Ways Legal Can Accelerate Sales Cycles

This post was originally published by Onit. Legal operations already has a strong foothold as Sales’ hidden advantage. But there is even more the department can do to shorten sales cycles, close deals faster, and positively influence revenue generation and material growth. Here’s how. Collaboration — the collision of diverse talents and instilled trust that […]

Vishing Attacks Explained

This post was initially published by IRONSCALES. Vishing is a social engineering attack delivered through phone calls or voicemails that attempts to fool people into revealing sensitive information. The caller usually masquerades as someone from a trusted company or government department. Attempts to elicit the desired information from victims depend on leveraging their implicit trust […]

How to Maximize Revenue with SEO for Ecommerce

This post was initially published by Crownpeak. An ever-changing business environment requires that more companies operate with an agile approach to evolve as the market evolves. For the retail and CPG sector, the growing shift in consumer buying behavior from traditional to digital is glaringly evident. The pandemic accelerated this trend. Retail, like many other industries, […]

Check out K1’s fresh new look! 

Notice anything different about us? K1’s got a bold new look as we continue to help build the Category Leaders of tomorrow. As the next generation of Category Leaders, you need more than funding to scale your business. You need access to trustworthy resources and a network of peers to help you navigate this period […]

What if public meetings were more accessible?

This post was initially published by Granicus. Glancing over recent headlines, you’d be forgiven for thinking that public meetings are broken. From school board meetings to planning and zoning hearings around land use, public meetings have become a “hotbed of opportunism” for special interest groups. Here, minority voices can crowd out the diversity of wider community viewpoints. […]

Employee Relations: Completing Ethical Investigations in the Workplace.

This post was initially published by HR Acuity. In this year’s HR Acuity Sixth Annual Employee Relations Benchmark Study, investigation processes remained flat. Only 43% of organizations are using required investigation processes, and two-thirds of organizations (65%) have no formal investigator training or only train as needed. Adding vulnerability, 53% of organizations are still using documentation […]

5 Hiring Trends from the 2022 Talent Benchmarks Report

This post was originally published by Lever. It’s not enough to just know the latest hiring trends. You also need to know the ‘why’ behind them (i.e., how they came to be) to make informed adjustments to your talent strategy. For instance: You know The Great Resignation has led to talent shortages at companies worldwide. However, have you […]

Top 10 ways to use personalized video messaging

This post was initially published by Graduway. Gratavid is the market-leading platform for enabling organizations to create personalized videos and send them via email and text, resulting in an 81% open rate. Looking for a creative, innovative way to boost admissions, engagement and philanthropy at your organization? See the top ten ways to use personalized […]

Top 5 reasons enterprise CRM projects fail

This article was originally published by Skuid. It’s no secret that adopting any enterprise application is a risk, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems are no exception. In fact, nearly two decades of research by multiple analysts shows that anywhere from 20-70% of CRM projects fail. Those CRM failure statistics put fear in the hearts of anyone […]

Why web accessibility should be top of mind for new business owners

This post was initially published by accessiBe. There are many things to think about when you’re opening up a new business, and accessibility might not even have crossed your mind. Although this is understandable, it’s also a mistake. Putting accessibility at the top of your list will help you set your business up for success […]

K1’s Latest Investment – Our Partnership with ComplySci

Written by Roy Liao, Senior Vice President at K1   It’s official: K1 is excited to make a $120 million growth investment in ComplySci, one of the top providers of tech-empowered employee compliance solutions for financial services enterprises. ComplySci has a commanding leadership position in a fintech segment where proven solutions from experienced providers are […]

How Microsoft saved an estimated $2.4 million with RFP software

This post was originally published by RFPIO. Microsoft is a company dedicated to empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. True to its mission, Microsoft is committed to helping customers modernize processes and achieve digital transformations at scale. This commitment applies internally, as well: Microsoft encourages all employees to use […]

How to Navigate Compliance During Your Skype to Teams Migration

This post was originally published by Smarsh. On July 31, 2021, Microsoft will finalize its end-of-life (EOL) program for Skype for Business Online, offering the Microsoft Teams collaboration and conferencing platform as the improved alternative. Teams enables distributed workforces to collaborate on documents, chat, meet virtually and, most importantly, stay connected. As the workplace has […]

Serving the Underserved – Accessing Hard to Reach Populations

This post was originally published by Granicus. The pandemic continues to shine a light on the systemic inequities and headwinds underserved communities in the United States are facing. Vaccines are just the latest example. While millions of doses are being manufactured and distributed each day, vaccinations are disproportionately being provided in predominantly white and/or wealthy […]

Top Reasons Your Pharmacy Needs a Mobile App

This post was originally published by Digital Pharmacist.  The majority of American smartphone users spend over 3 hours a day using mobile apps, according to eMarketer. With over 275 million smartphone owners in the US, that means nearly 84% of the country’s population are dedicated mobile users. In the past few years, mobile healthcare has skyrocketed. Providers are recognizing […]

Why you need RFP automation to advance your response process

This post was originally published by RFPIO. RFP automation is causing a wonderful shift. Proposal management teams of yesteryear relied on antiquated processes when responding to RFPs. Valuable time was spent on repetitive tasks. Information and departmental silos kept teams from reaching their fullest revenue-generating potential as a collaborative unit. I know what responding used to be like before […]

Granicus Sees Record-Breaking Citizen Engagement During Vaccine Rollout; Here’s How Governments Can Meet Unprecedented Demand

This post was originally published by Granicus. With vaccines gradually making their way across the U.S., and misinformation continuing to run rampant, Granicus wanted to better understand how federal, state and local governments are engaging with communities to aid in vaccine rollout. To get a snapshot of the current state of vaccine communications from government […]

Forbes: Why Remote Work Is Here To Stay

Steve Marsh is the Founder and Chairman of Smarsh, a leader in the enterprise information archiving industry. Although Covid-19 vaccines could become widely available to the public as soon as the second quarter of this year, business leaders must understand that remote work is here to stay. Indeed, not only will some Americans continue to feel […]

Making the Case for an Investment in Recruitment Marketing Technology

This post was originally published by Jobvite.  Attracting and engaging top talent is critical to business success, and companies with great talent hold a powerful advantage over their competitors. That’s why smart, modern organizations are taking a serious look at their recruitment strategy and formalizing their approach to recruitment marketing. While technology can’t provide all […]

Managing the Return of Employees Back to the Office – Post Covid 19

This post was originally published by Paul Wiederkehr at SecureAuth.  In the Spring of this year organizations both big and small across every industry were unexpectedly disrupted by the Covid-19 healthcare pandemic. And during the proceeding months businesses leaders and their teams have worked tirelessly to sustain and maintain business operations to serve and support […]

How Zoom + Smarsh Helps Financial Firms Maintain Work-from-Home Compliance

This post was originally published by Marianna Shafir at Smarsh. For companies in financial services, working from home during this crisis while staying compliant can be challenging. Whether it’s a broker-dealer shifting from a traditional office setting, an investment advisor looking to virtually meet with a client, or a bank conducting loan interviews over video […]

Compliance and Technology: 4 Key Takeaways From a Supervision Survey of Industry Professionals

This post was originally published by Smarsh.  FINRA and SEC-regulated industries are required to review business-related electronic correspondence to ensure compliance. However, there aren’t standardized supervisory procedures as the methods are left up to the firms and businesses. Smarsh recently conducted a joint survey with Elinphant, a financial services risk management and compliance consulting firm, […]

5 Ways to Build a Strong Virtual Culture

This post was originally published by Axcient. While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly moved a lot of employees from the office to their homes, the number of remote workers has been expanding for some time. Regardless of your professional environment, it’s important for business leaders to keep their company culture growing. Creating a strong virtual […]

Your Guide to Getting Physical Spaces Ready to Reopen

This post was originally published by Chip Phillips at GoCanvas. As you prepare your business to reopen for in-person interaction, it is important to stay up to date on local and state guidelines. This includes preparing your physical spaces to protect workers and reduce risk while serving customers. Pre-reopening Cleaning and Sanitizing For businesses where workspaces have been […]

How SaaS Helps During Economic Disruption

This post was originally published by Ian Lowe at Crownpeak. As companies deal with our current period of extended economic uncertainty, it’s vital to evaluate opportunities to improve the efficiency of their technology stacks. It’s a process that happens regularly inside many organizations, especially those that follow zero-based budgeting practices. But seeking efficiency does not […]

COVID-19’s Impact on Cybersecurity Budgets

This post was originally posted by Adam Hofeler at IRONSCALES. Over the past few years, you’d be hard pressed to find an enterprise that wasn’t increasing their cybersecurity budget on an annual basis. In fact, Statista estimates that the global cybersecurity market will surpass $248 billion by 2023, a surge of nearly $81 billion from 2019. […]

Enabling a Secure Remote Workforce

This post was originally published by Bil Harmer at SecureAuth. During this challenging time the safety and security of our employees, customers, and communities is top of mind for all of us. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, many companies are actively pursuing solutions to support employees working remotely. We have created a complimentary offer to help […]

5 Ways to Build a Better Culture on a Budget

This post was originally published by Jobvite. See how companies can create a great employee experience. Start a conversation about company culture and most people will point to examples like Google or Facebook—massive tech companies where employees have free food available around the clock, closets full of company swag, and off-the-wall perks like nap rooms. […]

To Zoom or Not to Zoom: Addressing a Crucial Cybersecurity Question

This post was originally published by Sid Yenamandra at Smarsh. Eight tips to help advisors balance between security and convenience with Zoom Though shelter-in-place orders and working from home have become the new normal, the reality is that most businesses are not prepared to protect their employees and their devices from cyber criminals in a […]

Why COVID-19 is a Driving Force for Financial Process Digitization

This post was originally published by Katherine Edenbach at Emburse. Learn how virtualizing your expense and invoice management processes can deliver immediate, lasting improvements. Even with the rapid adoption of cloud technology throughout the enterprise, many organizations are still using mostly manual, paper-based financial processes. For these organizations, the number of complications in submitting, approving […]

Gain Focus with New Habits and Dedicated Sales Enablement Tools

This post was originally published by Chris Pulley at RFPIO. Focus is something all salespeople want more of. As your sales organization grows to a certain size, this theme becomes paramount. The focus theme tends to get thrown around a lot with today’s sales teams. Saying “we need to focus more” is not the same […]

Webinar Recap: Recruit the Best Candidates in a Remote World

This post was originally published by Jen Ribble on Jobvite.  Today’s talent acquisition professionals face challenges unlike any we’ve seen before. Employees may be located in diverse locations across the country, and even around the world. Remote work is becoming more mainstream. Teams that work together on a daily basis may seldom (if ever) gather […]

How Agile Teams Can Master the Art of Saying NO

This post was originally published by Yoav Boaz at Clarizen. Legendary investor Warren Buffet has said that the core habit that separates successful people from very successful people, is that the latter say no to almost everything. Evidently, very successful agile marketing teams are borrowing from Mr. Buffet’s playbook, because compared to their counterparts, they’re […]